Saturday, October 03, 2009

Save the boobies! Peace, love & yummy cakes for Ro

Breast cancer is costly: Physically. Financially. Personally. It’s especially hard on women who work for themselves and have limited personal insurance -- women like Rochelle, a 30-something supremely talented massage therapist and deeply spiritual healer/caretaker I know in Austin, Texas.

Rochelle was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer a few weeks ago, and she faces one incredible battle against this wretched disease. It's a battle she is physically and mentally ready to fight. Rochelle's good friend (and my neighbor) Karen, a diva baker who takes the cake for the cakes she bakes, doesn’t think that paying medical bills should be part of that battle.

Karen decided to put her baking talent to good use. For a $50 donation to Rochelle's medical bills, Karen will whip you up one seriously delicious cake - or a batch of her “crack” concoction cake balls (a batch is roughly 6 dozen cake balls). Word on the street is that the chocolate-chocolate cake balls are the best, but you can custom-order your favorite flavors and toppings, too.

If you don’t eat cake but want to help cover the costs of Rochelle’s treatment (which begins this month), you can send a $50 donation instead. All of the proceeds will go directly to Rochelle’s medical expenses. Central Texans can also support Rochelle by scheduling an appointment for a massage. What a relaxing way to help a friend fight cancer.

For more information, e-mail Karen at You can also contact

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